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League in Action, by OutreachCircle

Organize with us through Leagie in Action! Presented by OutreachCircle

League In Action, by OutreachCircle, is a digital platform where anyone who believes in our mission can directly connect and take action on issues impacting their communities.

With the tap of a button, League in Action users can:

  • Find and send letters to their elected officials on topics like voting rights, dark money, reproductive justice, and more;
  • Register for rallies, workshops, and other virtual and in-person events through the League;
  • Learn about important political topics;
  • Find upcoming elections;

and more!

How to Join

1. Use your phone to go here

2. Click on "View Actions" to join OutreachCircle

3. Sign in with your Google or Facebook account, or create an account with your email

4. Scroll through the feed to see all of the ways you can support LWV's efforts!

What's Next

You'll receive occasional updates with new actions to take through League in Action, by OutreachCircle.

We encourage you to share this resource with friends so you can take action together!

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to empower voters and defend democracy.