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LWV Of Greater Cleveland

Community Leaders

Catherine LaCroix, Co-President
Lisa Cech, Co-President
Lynne Nowel, Vice President

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(216) 781-8375

Stories from Around the State

LWV of the United States filed a friend of the court brief in Ohio v. Coggins, a suit brought by the state of Ohio and Ohio’s secretary of state to rush the delivery of census data for congressional district apportionment.

A federal judge ruled that Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose’s order limiting ballot drop boxes to one per county is unconstitutional.

LWV of Ohio filed a lawsuit against Secretary of State LaRose challenging his unconstitutional August 12 order limiting drop boxes to one per county.

LWV of Ohio and partners are challenging Ohio’s flawed system of matching voter signatures on absentee ballots and absentee ballot applications.

COVID-19 is causing a shift in how elections will be held. 

Attempts to suppress votes through voter purges have led to legal battles.