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Today the Supreme Court of the United States overturned a lower court’s ruling that South Carolina’s congressional map was an unconstitutional racial gerrymander. This decision allows the state of South Carolina to continue using its congressional map that divides and reduces Black political voting power in the state, while increasing the burden on voters who challenge unconstitutional racial gerrymanders in federal court.

From Supreme Court decisions to voting rights legislation, 2023 was a busy year for our democracy. But how closely were you paying attention? 

In 2023, Leagues across the US worked diligently to achieve a remarkable number of wins in litigation, voter registration, civic engagement and education, and more. Below are 6 of our greatest accomplishments.

The League of Women Voters Education Fund has registered, educated, and engaged young people through its Youth Voter Registration project since 2010. 

In January – June 2023, 86 Leagues hosted close to 1000 events and registered over 19,000 youth in high schools, community colleges, technical and vocational schools, and other youth-serving areas, like community and recreation centers. And that’s just the 86 Leagues mentioned — our 750+ Leagues nationwide did even more! 

The League is invested in and carefully watching an important redistricting case, Alexander v. South Carolina State Conference of the NAACP. The case is an appeal from a ruling striking down South Carolina’s congressional map as an unconstitutional racial gerrymander.

This news segment originally aired on WCSC.

League of Women Voters of South Carolina President Nancy Williams says leaders elected in local races often make decisions or policies that affect Lowcountry residents more than those in national races.