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LWV Of Kentucky

Community Leaders

Fran Wagner, President
Wanda "Bonnie" Lynch, Vice President
Delores (Dee) Pregliasco, Vice President
Karen M. Brown, Membership Chair

League ID




Stories from Around the State

Kentucky could soon be expanding voting rights restoration to even more individuals who have been convicted of felonies.

The League of Women Voters of Kentucky filed a federal lawsuit asking the court to invalidate the state’s recently-passed picture ID requirement for voting.

Following a report on disenfranchisement from LWV of Kentucky that found more than 312,000 Kentuckians cannot vote because of felony convictions, the state's governor issued an executive order restoring voting rights for those with past felony convictions.

A report from the League of Women Voters of Kentucky shows 92 percent of those with felony convictions have been released from prison or jail and live in the community, but cannot vote.