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Stories from Around the State

The Supreme Court case Moyle v. United States could leave women and people who can become pregnant at risk of permanent bodily harm, creating a patchwork in which some states provide reproductive freedom and equal citizenship for people who can become pregnant while others don’t.  

Abortion will not and should not be left to the whim of state legislatures, particularly when people’s health and lives are at risk. 

This story originally aired on KATC.

Things are gearing up for early voting to begin Saturday, but before you vote, take a look at what resources are available to you.

There are tons of voter resources available to help you get involved before casting your ballot and groups to help, like the League of Women Voters.


In an unexpected decision last June, Allen v. Milligan, the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) upheld Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and ruled that Alabama’s 2021 congressional map illegally diluted the voting power of Black Alabamians. Following SCOTUS’s ruling, Alabama defied the court’s order in an attempt to continue disempowering Black residents.

From January – August 2023, state legislatures nationwide passed various bills into law. While following these developments, the League noticed several important trends around voting rights and election administration.

Baton Rouge, LA — Today, the League of Women Voters of Louisiana (LWV of Louisiana), along with Voice of the Experienced (VOTE) and the Power Coalition for Equity and Justice (Power Coalition), filed a lawsuit, with representation from Campaign Legal Center (CLC) and Bill Quigley of Loyola University Law School, asking the US District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana to declare a part of the state’s felony disenfranchisement scheme unconstitutional and illegal under federal voting rights law.  

The Leagues Power the South trainings unite activists across the Southern States to cast a collective vision, develop a shared analysis and strategy, and deepen relationships to manifest the democracy that our communities deserve.