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RALEIGH — The League of Women Voters of North Carolina President Jo Nicholas released the following statement after the North Carolina Supreme Court took unprecedented action and reversed its prior ruling that North Carolina’s congressional and state legislative maps were unconstitutional partisan gerrymanders under the state Constitution:

Almost 1 million immigrants became naturalized citizens in 2022, expanding the electorate significantly. During that time, 31 League volunteer teams across the country reported attending close to 800 naturalization ceremonies and registering over 37,000 New Americans to participate in our democracy — this represents just a small portion of our 750+ Leagues’ impact. 

On February 3, 2023, the North Carolina Supreme Court voted to re-hear Harper v. Hall, a case concerning redistricting. The North Carolina Supreme Court’s upcoming decision could upend a pending case at the Supreme Court that threatens our current system of political checks and balances.

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While much of the focus in Washington D.C. on Friday was more on selecting a new Speaker of the House, the day also marked a solemn anniversary for many. Lawmakers held a moment of silence outside the Capitol to remember the insurrection event on January 6, 2021 and to thank the first responders who were on-scene to respond to the mob of Donald Trump supporters.

Similar recognitions were held across North Carolina, including one organized by the local League of Women Voters in Chapel Hill Friday night.

Thursday, LWVUS board member Allison Riggs was appointed to the North Carolina Court of Appeals as an associate judge, stepping down from service as a board member of the League.

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“This would change elections, and not for the better so people need to be paying attention,” Kase Solomon said.