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The 118th Congress has just begun! As important legislation is introduced in the coming weeks, we'll add opportunities for you to take action. Check back soon to get involved!

LWV Of North Dakota

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Barbara Headrick, President
Mary C Tintes, Vice President

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Stories from Around the State

This profile was originally published by InForum.

When it comes to civic and community engagement, some people need to be “volun-told” what to do.

Not so for Whitney Oxendahl.

The coronavirus outbreak has caused disruption for redistricting reform in states where groups have attempted to use the ballot initative process to reform the redistricting process. 

 A federal judge ruled that North Dakota’s process for absentee ballot verification will include a notification and remedy method for voters whose ballots are flagged for rejection due to signature mismatch.

The League of Women Voters of North Dakota filed a lawsuit asking the United States District Court of North Dakota to provide relief for voters from the state’s burdensome signature match policy.

Dakota citizens and members of Congress gathered at Fort Yates, on the Standing Rock Sioux Nation, for a field hearing of the Committee on House Administration, Subcommittee on Elections.