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This opinion was originally published in The Salt Lake Tribune.

Vicki Samuelson from the League of Women Voters of Utah wrote about why it's time to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

The US Supreme Court rejected the dangerous “independent state legislature” theory presented in the Moore v. Harper case from North Carolina, which relates to a similar League case in Utah.

Without the ability to make reproductive decisions for one’s body, those who can become pregnant cannot participate equally in our democracy.

Further, since the Dobbs decision reversing the right to abortion, numerous state governments have introduced legislation directly or indirectly related to reproductive rights, challenging doctrines of US democracy. 

This story was originally published by The City Journals.

Many voters have paged through a booklet of candidates and chances are, it came from the League of Women Voters. Perhaps a great number of voters also signed up to vote with the help of one of the League’s volunteers.

Republicans take the teeth out of redistricting initiative and divide communities of interest.

In November of 2018, voters passed ballot initiatives in three states to curb gerrymandering by reforming the redistricting process. Four years later, as redistricting battles once again sweep the nation, it’s time to look back at what those initiatives accomplished, and what still needs to be done.