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The New Hampshire Supreme Court on Friday voted in a 4-0 decision that a 2017 state law requiring proof of residence to vote is unconstitutional, saying that it "imposes unreasonable burdens on the right to vote."

Massachusetts lawmakers weigh on making changes to voting accessibility due to COVID permanent.

An op-ed by Virginia Kase discuss the 2021 redistricting cycle. 

Florida's legislature approves a new voting bill which limits voters.

Kentucky could soon be expanding voting rights restoration to even more individuals who have been convicted of felonies.

Celina Stewart spoke with The 19th about voting rights bills and priorities in statehouses across the country.

California is considering making permanent changes to voting following historic voter turnout in the 2020 elections.

LWV of South Carolina wrote an op-ed about the upcoming redistricting cycle and how "safe" districts silence the voice of voters.

Changes to election laws due to COVID-19 creates an opportunity for election reform in some southern states.

Virginia Kase shares three things about the Electoral College.