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League Remembers Congressman John Dingell

Press Release / Last Updated:

WASHINGTON – The League of Women Voters national president Chris Carson issued the following statement on the passing of Congressman John Dingell: 

“As the longest serving Congressman in American history, John Dingell will be remembered for his leadership on the Affordable Care Act, forever improving healthcare in this country. The League of Women Voters was proud to work with Congressman Dingell over the years with the shared goal of making sure that every U.S. resident has access to affordable, quality health care coverage. 

“The late congressman often cited his vote for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as the most important of his career. Despite the criticism of the time and facing tough elections in the aftermath, he was proud to be on the right side of history, because ‘it was the right thing to do.’

“Congressman John Dingell embodied what it means to serve. He will be remembered for his quick wit and tireless fight to create a more perfect democracy.”

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