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League Remembers Senator John McCain

Press Release / Last Updated:

Washington, DC - The League of Women Voters president Chris Carson issued the following statement on the passing of Senator John McCain:

"Senator John McCain dedicated his life to serving the American people; first as a heroic naval pilot and later as a Congressman and U.S. Senator for more than thirty years.

"The League was proud to work with Senator McCain on his bipartisan campaign-finance reform efforts. The McCain-Feingold bill was a game-changer to limit political campaign contributions from corporations, unions, and wealthy donors. In the years before Super PACs dominated American elections, Senator McCain had the vision for how money influences our politics, taking the power away from American voters.

"As his party's nominee for president facing the first African American nominee by a major party, then-candidate McCain defended Barack Obama from racist attacks on the campaign trail. He famously rejected the racism and bigotry hurled at his opponent, and instead focused on issues and policy. It was a testament to his character and his commitment to American democracy and its values.

"Senator McCain was a hero, a statesman, and a political ‘maverick’ known for reaching across the aisle. He embodied what it means to serve. The League sends our condolences to the entire McCain family--a family itself the picture of diversity and inclusion--during this difficult time."

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