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League of Women Voters Encourages Public Participation in Map-Drawing Process

Press Release / Last Updated:

WASHINGTON - Today, the Census Bureau is expected to release census data in its legacy format, officially marking the beginning of electoral district map drawing. The League of Women Voters of the United States Board President Dr. Deborah Turner issued the following statement: 

“The League is excited that the data needed to draw maps will be made available to states today. The legacy format is the format states received census data in for the past two redistricting cycles and is an ideal format to use to begin the map-drawing process.  

“Even though this year the time window to draw maps is shorter,  it is still critical that the process be done transparently, fairly, and with full public participation. The people should not be left out of the process.  

“Through our People Powered Fair MapsTM program, the League is committed to ensuring that maps are drawn fairly and accurately, with all voices — no matter, age, sex, or zip code — considered and equitably represented.  

"Our state and local Leagues have been and will continue to work with community members to elevate their voices and with map drawers to ensure the best maps possible. We encourage everyone to  participate in fair districting in their communities.” 


PRESS CONTACT: LaQuita Howard | [email protected]

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