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LWV Applauds Decision to Keep Polling Places Open in Majority Black County

Press Release / Last Updated:

Washington, DC - The League of Women Voters of the United States and the League of Women Voters of Georgia issued the following joint statement after this morning's decision by the Randolph County Board of Elections to reject the proposal of closing seven out of nine polling places in the majority-black county:

“Make no mistake. Today’s decision to keep polling places open in Randolph County is a victory for African American voters. But in 2018, it should never have been an issue. 

“While we support the Randolph Country Board of Elections decision to keep all nine precincts open, we are concerned about the motivation to close any precincts in a predominately African American community just 10 weeks ahead of the November election. Prior to 2013, Georgia was required to comply with the Voting Rights Act by seeking government approval before making any changes to polling locations, especially in counties like Randolph County.  

“While we fight to restore the vital protections of the Voting Rights Act, the League of Women Voters of Georgia stands with voters and our coalition partners in Randolph County and all counties in Georgia, to ensure that every voter has equal access at the polls, especially those who are intentionally disenfranchised from this very important right.” 

 Contact: Sarah Courtney | 202-263-1332 | [email protected]

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