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North Carolina LWV Demands District 9 Election Integrity

Chapel Hill, NC – The League of Women Voters of North Carolina is committed to fair elections and strongly supports the Board of Elections’ decision to delay certification of the results of the 9th Congressional District election until a thorough investigation has been conducted. The integrity of our election process must be ensured, and those responsible for undermining our democracy should be held accountable. 

The reports to date provide alarming evidence of an ongoing effort to illegally harvest ballots, buy votes, dispose of ballots, and alter voters’ intended choices. North Carolina state law authorizes the Board of Elections to order a new general election if the nature of these offenses “taint[s] the results of the entire election and cast[s] doubt on its fairness.” 

“Elections that are both fair and represent the will of all voters are essential to retaining our state’s democratic process,” said Janet Hoy, president of the League of Women Voters of North Carolina. “The state has the responsibility to ensure the integrity of our elections. The League of Women Voters of North Carolina calls upon state officials to complete a thorough investigation to ensure voter confidence in our elections.”

As the investigation continues, the League will remain watchful and fully prepared to take whatever steps are necessary to protect the voices of North Carolina voters.


Contact: Janet Hoy | LWVNC President | [email protected]