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North Carolina Voters Win in Partisan Gerrymandering Case

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The League of Women Voters Applauds the Panel's Decision to Put Voters First

RALEIGH, NC – A three-judge panel struck down the state’s congressional map Monday, finding the map as an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander—reaffirming its decision from January.

Following the U.S. Supreme Court decision in the redistricting case of Gill v. Whitford in June, the Court sent the League of Women Voters of North Carolina v. Rucho case back to the district court to determine if the plaintiffs had standing. The district court confirmed standing and reaffirmed their original decision paving the way for new maps to be drawn.

"This decision is an important step towards ensuring all voters’ voices are heard," said Janet Hoy, co-President of the League of Women Voters of North Carolina. "We are confident in our efforts to protect and extend the rights of voters as we head into a potentially historic Supreme Court ruling that would ultimately put an end to partisan gerrymandering nationwide. We will continue the fight for equal representation through fair maps."

"We look forward to the day North Carolinians will have fair maps that truly represent our great and diverse state," said Hoy. "North Carolina voters have waited far too long for districts that reflect our populations equally. Now is the time to end partisan gerrymandering once and for all."

The League of Women Voters of North Carolina was a plaintiff in League of Women Voters of North Carolina v. Rucho which was combined and heard with Common Cause v. Rucho. Both cases challenged the North Carolina congressional map on the basis that it violates the First and Fourteenth Amendments, along with Article I, section 2, and exceeds the authority granted to the states in Article I, section 4 of the Constitution.

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