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Senate Fails to Pass the For the People Act – Democracy Hangs in the Balance

WASHINGTON - Today the League of Women Voters of the United States CEO Virginia Kase Solomón issued the following statement following the US Senate’s failure to advance the For the People Act:  

“Today’s vote is hopefully just the beginning for this bill which will strengthen our democracy and ensure the freedom to vote for all Americans.  

“As the Senate reconsiders the For the People Act in the weeks ahead, they must work to protect the merits of the bill for the American people, who support this legislation.  

“The For the People Act is the only solution to put a check on the hundreds of anti-voter bills passed in states around the country. This bill will ensure that every voter has the access to cast their ballot in next year’s critical midterm elections.  

“The League of Women Voters supports legislation that strengthens our elections and increases voter participation so that every voice is heard in our democracy. We call on the Senate to work together to pass the For the People Act and find a solution for the American people.” 

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