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Senate Stimulus Bill Fails to Protect the 2020 Elections

Press Release / Last Updated:

WASHINGTON – Tuesday the League of Women Voters CEO Virginia Kase issued the following statement in response to the Senate version of the latest COVID-19 stimulus bill:

“At a time when the country is seeing a surge of this deadly virus, we need our elected leaders to make the necessary investments to safeguard the November election. The Senate legislation fails. It is essential that there is funding to protect the health of voters, our elections, and our democracy.

“No one should have to choose between exercising their constitutional right to vote and their personal health and safety. With less than one-hundred days before Election Day, there is still time to get this right. States need an additional $3.6 billion to invest in equipment and technology, support increased demand for vote by mail, train election workers and poll observers, and provide sufficient cleaning supplies to polling locations to protect voters and election workers. The House-passed HEROES Act provided the appropriate levels of funding to support our election. The Senate bill’s exclusion of election funding is a dangerous attack on democracy.

“The League calls on the U.S. Senate to rethink this omission and uphold their oath of office to defend the Constitution by ensuring all Americans can safely vote this year.”

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