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Election Information Website Sees More Traffic in Midterm Cycle

Washington, DC – This month the election information website surpassed expectations and hit the 1 million user milestone before primary elections are complete. VOTE411 has the most comprehensive nationwide coverage with more candidate statements than any other election site. With so many voters using the site, powered by the League of Women Voters, VOTE411 is on track to have its best year ever.

“We are proud to provide election information to voters in all fifty states,” said Chris Carson, chair of the League of Women Voters Education Fund. “Voters are clamoring for unbiased candidate information this election cycle and they’re looking to the League to provide this information."

League volunteers across the country reach out to candidates to answer nonpartisan questions as part of the voters' guide on VOTE411. This election cycle, VOTE411 is providing more information than ever before, with tens of thousands of candidates invited to share their positions with the voters. Every voter in America will have personalized candidate information on the site for both their primary and general election.

“We are seeing a record number of voters using VOTE411 this cycle,” said Jeanette Senecal, Senior Director of Mission Impact for the League of Women Voters. “At this rate we are confident VOTE411 will serve more than 2 million voters this midterm year and could even surpass the number of users from the 2016 Presidential election year.”

Since 2006, VOTE411 has supported more than 36 million voters looking to check their registration, find their polling place, see what’s on their ballot and much more.

"We expect high turnout for the general election this November and the League wants to encourage voters to get all the election information they need before heading to the polls,” said Carson. “Now is the time for all voters to make sure they are registered and that their registration is up-to-date. VOTE411 is here to help."

VOTE411 provides voters with everything they need to participate in our elections. Check out to learn about ballot initiatives, see candidate responses to League questions and more!

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