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As a student, Brendan was engaged in national politics, eager to make a difference. But after graduation, he found himself burnt out—powerless to change decisions that affected him as a young person. That’s when he was approached by his friend’s mother, who asked him to get involved with the New Jersey League.

A few months later, Brendan was frustrated to learn an oil pipeline was planned to route through his town. He wanted to stop it, but he didn’t know how. So, he talked with members of the League’s natural resources committee, who provided him tools and introduced him to activists who helped him fight off the pipeline.

Brendan credits the inter-generational mentorship at the League with turning his cynicism into action and re-energizing his engagement with local government. It’s at the local level where Brendan feels he can really effect change.

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“I have learned so much from these amazing women who have been fighting for the things I care about longer than I’ve been alive.”