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Immigration policies should promote the reunification of immediate families, meet economic, business, and employment needs, and be responsive to those facing political persecution or humanitarian crises. 

Why It Matters

All people should receive fair treatment under the law, and the US must encourage immigrant participation in our democracy. 

What We're Doing

Legal Advocacy

We support federal immigration laws that provide efficient, expeditious systems for immigrants to enter the United States.

Congress must take immediate action to pass common-sense, fair immigration policies that end the crisis at our border, stop the separation of families, and provide a path to citizenship.

Supporting a Path to Citizenship

Diverse voices enhance our democracy. The League believes that a path to citizenship, or provisions for unauthorized immigrants already living in the US to earn legal status, will strengthen our nation.

We have lobbied both the House and Senate for a path to citizenship. We've also lobbied to support the DREAM Act, critical legislation enabling immigrant youth to become fully productive members of American society.

Helping New Americans Become Active Participants in Our Democracy

Voter education and voter registration are the foundation of the League’s work.

The strongest democracy is one in which the voices of all participants are heard. As such, the League is committed to helping new citizens become active in American political life. We do this by providing civic education and registering tens of thousands of new voters at naturalization ceremonies in communities nationwide.

Latest from the League

The League of Women Voters of the United States joined nearly 300 civil, human rights, and immigrant rights organizations on a letter to President Biden urging the Administration not to issue a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) on an asylum ban. The asylum ban would make individuals ineligible for asylum if they enter the US without using an established pathway or without applying for protection in countries of transit. 

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WASHINGTON – Today, the League of Women Voters CEO Virginia Kase Solomón released the following statement in support of the legislation to protect DACA recipients:

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Senate and House leadership announced that protecting Dreamers is a high priority in the remaining time of the 117th Congress, leading the League to urge Congress to follow through and pass a bill. People who are protected by DACA, their families, and their communities deserve the peace of mind to build their lives and futures in the United States. 

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