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In New Jersey, maps are drawn and implemented by a bipartisan commission that is made up of elected officials and citizens. Maps drawn in the 2021 redistricting process will be in place for the next ten years, so it is crucial that New Jerseyans share their communities' needs with map drawers. Together we can ensure that all communities, no matter race, background, zip code, or income, are fairly represented in our map-drawing process and have equitable resources. Let your voice be heard by speaking out for your neighbors.

Graphic of New Jersey state map to showing state district lines to connect to redistricting

Upcoming Hearings

Your voice deserves to be heard! Here are ways you can elevate your voice and share about your community's needs with map drawers:


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The League is working to ensure that maps are not gerrymandered, but instead, drawn fairly and transparently, through our redistricting reform program People Powered Fair MapsTM. Connect with the LWV of New Jersey to learn more about how you can be a voice for your community.

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