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Power the South

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Power the South (PTS) is a campaign for Leagues, alongside regional and local partners, to strengthen our people-powered organizing as an antidote against the rising systemic threats to our democracy, such as white supremacy, patriarchy, classism, and authoritarianism. 

It does so by centering people and power, deepening relationships with voting rights and democracy partners, analyzing trending issues, developing capacity through trainings, and building a groundswell to mobilize voters, especially in marginalized and BIPOC communities. 

The South is the cradle of the Civil Rights — and other people-powered — movements. It has also suffered decades of political and economic divestment as bad actors continue launching egregious voter suppression legislation and strategies. These bad actors particularly target the New Majority — Black, brown, New American, LGBTQIA+, female, Indigenous First Nation, disabled, and low-income communities. 

League members from Power the South North Carolina

With so much at stake, including the attacks on reproductive rights, voting rights restrictions, voter disenfranchisement and purges, gerrymandering, the criminalization of activism, racial injustice, book banning, and the rise of mis- and disinformation, we must build healthy movements and ensure more leaders have seats at the table. 

Throughout 2022, LWV partnered with Leagues and voting rights partners to hold convenings in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tennessee. In 2023, as we prepare for the most critical election year we will face as a democracy, we are organizing convenings in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Arkansas.  

2023 Campaign

In 2023, LWV gathered with Leagues and democracy partners in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Arkansas to build a people-powered, relational movement and make our democracy more inclusive, equitable, and participatory. 

LWV members including Rommel Sandino and Luana Chaires at Power the South in 2023

2022 Campaign

In September 2022, the League of Women Voters launched a tour to build power across the south. The tour's first year crescendoed to a South Region Movement Building Training that brought together leaders from the Southern States to cast a collective vision, develop a shared analysis and strategy, and deepen relationships to manifest the Democracy that our communities deserve. 

Tour stops included:

  • September 10: Huntsville, Alabama

    • LWV, the League of Women Voters of Alabama, and partner organizations hosted a coalition meeting strategizing ways to advance voting rights in partnership with the disability community. 

  • October 14-15: Raymond, Mississippi

    • A networking reception was held for partners, grasstop organizers, and League members. Then we hosted a specialized training focusing on GOTV efforts, relational organizing, volunteer recruitment, and more.

  • October 28-29: New Orleans, Louisiana  

    • Partners, grasstop organizers, and League leaders joined a networking reception. A specialized training was held focusing on getting out the vote, reproductive rights, and climate advocacy, expanding partnerships, and more.

  • December 2-3: Nashville, Tennessee 

    • LWV hosted a Networking Reception with state and local League leaders, partners, and grasstop Leaders from 6pm-8pm. TN leadership then shared a presentation on legislative priorities for 2023.

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