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Affordable Care Act (ACA)

On August 16, the President signed the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 into law. The law approves more than 700 billion dollars in federal investments aimed at reducing the national deficit, combating climate change, and lowering health care costs.  

We must continue to work for health justice and ensure the ACA remains the law of the land.

When district maps do not represent the people fairly, it prevents us from moving on issues that we care about – issues that can be a matter of life or death. One of these critical issues is healthcare.  

 It is essential that all persons in America have access to affordable health care and that no one be denied coverage after contracting COVID-19.   

Last Wednesday, governors from across the country, congressional leaders, and special interest groups met in Washington, DC, to unveil new efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

Open Enrollment for health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is from November 1-December 15, 2017.

The League opposes the Senate's plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act as part of a tax overhaul bill. The newest attack on the ACA would cut health care coverage for 13 million people and increase premiums by double digits. 

The League joined over 230 organizations in a letter to the U.S. Senate urging Senators to oppose the Graham-Cassidy proposal (Graham-Cassidy).

The League joined health care, labor and community organizations by calling on President Trump to commit to providing the cost-sharing reduction payments required under the Affordable Care Act.

The League opposes the motion to proceed on the Better Care Reconciliation Act, which will eliminate affordable quality health care for 22 million Americans by gutting the Affordable Care Act and slashing funding for Medicaid. The League urges Senators to support the parliamentarian’s ruling excluding the defunding of Planned Parenthood from the reconciliation bill.