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Proof of Citizenship

"We will appeal to protect the critical rights of voters in these three states, especially during this election year,” said Chris Carson, president of the League of Women Voters U.S.

“If the illegal action is allowed to stand there will be substantial and continuing harm to voters and to our organizations,” said President MacNamara.

The League of Women Voters of the United States, alongside its Alabama, Georgia and Kansas affiliates, filed a federal lawsuit against the executive director of the Election Assistance Commission to prevent these states from requiring documentary proof-of-citizenship when registering voters using the federal mail voter registration form.

“Voters should not have to face an obstacle course to vote. The decision by EAC Executive Director Brian Newby is simply contrary to federal law and we expect it to be overturned,” said President MacNamara.

#GivingTuesday is a day to support the organizations that mean the most to us, and that is why I will be supporting the League of Women Voters. I hope you will, too!

Send the League of Women Voters of Kansas a message of support — they recently launched an emergency initiative to reach all voters that the Secretary of State of is attempting to purge from the voter rolls.

Local Leagues throughout Kansas are reaching out to “purged” voters following changes to the state's proof-of-citizenship requirement on state voter registration forms. League volunteers will educate effected registrants to ensure that every person who registers to vote in Kansas is able to vote.

Today, the state of Kansas begins the process of purging tens of thousands of voters from a suspension list created for otherwise eligible voters who were unable to fulfill a restrictive proof-of-citizenship requirement.

Earlier this month, the League of Women Voters of Kansas and other voting rights advocates fought to protect the nearly 35,000 voters at risk of being purged from Kansas’ voter rolls by testifying against the proposed changes.

The Leagues of Women Voters of the United States, Kansas and Arizona filed a brief before the Supreme Court urging the Court to deny an appeal from the states of Kansas and Arizona in the case of