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Voter ID Laws

August 6 marks the 51st Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act (VRA). Here at LWVUS, we are taking the day to celebrate our recent voting rights victories and recommit to our important work on voting rights around the country at all levels of government.

"Monday's closing arguments followed a week-long trial that will decide if the ID law, which requires a valid government-issued ID to vote, will take effect."

"Pennsylvania's highest court on Tuesday told a lower court judge to stop a tough new law requiring voters to show photo identification from taking effect in this year's presidential election if he finds voters cannot easily get ID cards or if he thinks they will be disenfranchised."


“On Thursday, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments about the state’s strict new photo ID law, which is allegedly intended to prevent voter fraud. ... The law will result in disproportionate harm to minorities, people with low incomes and senior citizens. The court should enter an injunction against it before the November elections.”


“Three groups that convinced judges to throw out Wisconsin's voter ID requirement have asked the Supreme Court not to take over the cases and act on them before the November elections. The League of Women Voters, the N-A-A-C-P...”


“How South Carolina election officials accommodate voters unable to get required photo identification before going to the polls is playing a key role in the legal fight over whether the state’s strict voter ID law discriminates against minorities. ... Closing arguments are scheduled for Sept. 24, six weeks before the Nov. 6 election. ...the law, if approved by the panel, would go into effect immediately. If it’s struck down, the state could appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court.”

“If Wisconsin had a problem with voter fraud, the action taken by state Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen last week would be more understandable. ...But the state doesn't have a problem... Van Hollen asked the state Supreme Court to review rulings by two judges that struck down the state's voter ID law, and he asked the justices to do so before the presidential election on Nov. 6. ... The Supreme Court already has declined once to intervene.”

“A federal trial opening Monday will examine the legality of South Carolina’s new voter ID law and also put on display the state’s history of racial discrimination.”

“Don’t seek solutions to nonexistent problems. ... During a public forum that stretched more than two hours...roughly 20 speakers shared variations on that refrain with a five-member commission assigned to review Maine election practice and suggest improvements.”

"Here are answers to some basic questions, supplied by the secretary of state and the New Hampshire League of Women Voters: ..."