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Voter Registration

Changes to election laws due to COVID-19 creates an opportunity for election reform in some southern states.

LWVUS sent a letter to Senate and House leadership outlining our continued support for the legislation commonly referred to as HR1 or the For the People Act. 

After system crashes in Virginia and Florida, other states are warned of the possibility of glitches as registration deadlines approach.

A consent decree was signed today extending the Virginia voter registration deadline for the November 3 election to 11:59 PM, October 15, 2020.

LWV of Virginia filed a federal lawsuit asking the court to grant a 48-hour extension for voter registration and to extend in-person early voting due to a system outage.

What sorts of obstacles do overseas Americans face in voting and how can they overcome them?

With each voter we register, we are helping to get as many people participating as possible. Help us make sure no one is left out. 

League members and volunteers will be hosting more than 850 registration events and virtual activations September 22.

LWVUS and LWV of Texas sent a letter to the Postmaster General demanding that the Postal Service continue their longstanding practice of displaying and providing voter registration forms in post offices across the country.