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Women Power Democracy

"Women Power Democracy," with the "o" in "women" shaped like the US Capitol

‘Women Power Democracy’ is the new programmatic focus of the League of Women Voters that will advance a stronger, more representative American democracy. 

Since the 2020 election, we have seen new barriers to voting and continued attacks on our democracy that require a renewed organizational investment. ‘Women Power Democracy’ is a 4-pronged approach to tackle systemic challenges to voting rights through advocacy, litigation, and organizing. These League-led programs will build more trust in our elections, grow our electorate with equity, create fairness for voter access, and ensure community districting truly reflects our population. 

A chart describing the four pillars of Women Power Democracy


Man kneeling in front of a table covered in pamphlets, talking to a woman sitting behind the table

Democracy Truth Project

Countering mis- and disinformation and advancing better public understanding of the democratic and electoral process.

The Democracy Truth Project will provide the public with the information and the tools to participate in our democracy and work to restore trust in the political system. With trusted partners including leading scholars who are studying the trends of mis- and disinformation, the League will target vulnerable voters and communities that we know are more susceptible to mis- and disinformation to combat the influx of lies, with trusted and accurate information. At the same time, to build and restore the public trust in our democracy, the League will promote educational resources focused on the foundational elements of a healthy democratic system.   

Woman holding up a bumper sticker that says "VOTE411"

Expand the Franchise

Increasing voter participation through our platform and voter registration, education, and mobilization programs, with a focus on underrepresented populations or low-propensity voters.

The League is dedicated to expanding registration and participation for the New American Majority (the growing demographic of voters that include Americans with limited incomes, communities of color, non-college youth, unmarried women, and new citizens). In 2020, the League of Women Voters Education Fund (LWVEF) served more than 6 million people with VOTE411 election information, in addition to launching our largest ever get-out-the-vote campaign driving participation among low-propensity female voters. In 2021 and 2022, LWVEF will continue our work to equip all voters with the information and tools they need to make their voices heard in elections. This voter engagement program leverages the League’s wealth of registration, education, and protection resources – particularly the personalized information and voters’ guides available on 

Man and woman holding picket signs that say "Your Vote Matters"

Democracy Defense Fund

Protecting voting rights and advancing a more equitable democracy through advocacy and voter protection efforts.

Our efforts to register, educate, and mobilize voters in the New American Majority must be accompanied by work to protect their voting rights and expand their access through persistent advocacy for a more equitable and inclusive democracy. Following the 2020 election, hundreds of anti-voter bills that disproportionately target Black, brown, and women voters have been introduced in state legislatures around the country. These restrictive voting bills include implementing stricter voter ID laws, restricting votes by mail, limiting voter registration availability, and aggressively purging voters from the rolls. The League is speaking out and fighting back against this national trend and supporting our network of Leagues to educate the public about anti-voter bills in their states and to mitigating the impact of new laws. We are also preparing to participate as necessary in federal or state litigation against new voter suppression bills that are signed into law. 

Cards reading "People Powered Fair Maps" on a white tablecloth alongside colorful pens

People Powered Fair Maps™

Leading with advocacy, public education, and organizing to create fair, transparent, people-powered processes and eliminate partisan and racial gerrymandering in states during the 2021 redistricting process.

People Powered Fair Maps™ is the League’s national redistricting program focused on creating fair political maps in all 50 states and D.C. Since 2019, People Powered Fair Maps (PPFM) has worked to advance a transparent, people-powered redistricting processes that eliminates partisan and racial gerrymandering nationwide. To strengthen our advocacy for improving around /on redistricting, the League is demonstrating the impact of district maps on issues of concern to community members – such as healthcare, transportation, city resources and services, and infrastructure – and encourage the public to get involved. 

While women have been on the front lines of democracy, the League of Women Voters has powered their work for more than a century. Women Power Democracy builds upon the success the League of Women Voters saw in 2020. This work will serve to empower voters and defend our democracy while positioning the League as a continued leader in these areas ahead of the midterm elections in 2022. 

Together, these strategies will advance our vision for a stronger, more representative American democracy. Within each strategy, LWVEF will coordinate with our network of state and local Leagues, mobilize our members and activists across the country, and collaborate with partner organizations at the national and state levels. Building on the lessons of the 2020 election cycle, the League will focus on repairing the damage to our democracy while expanding the franchise during the midterm election cycle in 2022 and the next presidential cycle in 2024. 

Women Power Democracy Panels

Since the launch of WPD, the League has hosted a variety of panels bringing together women across the political and voting rights spheres to discuss how women are strengthening our nation.

Watch Our  Panel with Leaders in Advocacy

Watch Our Panel with Women in Congress

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