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6 Ways the League of Women Voters Has Impacted Your Life

EDITORIAL NOTE: This article was originally published on LWVUS President MacNamara's Huffington Post blog.

This year, the League of Women Voters celebrates our 95th anniversary. The League was founded by suffragist Carrie Chapman Catt on February 14, 1920 - just six months prior to the passage of the 19th Amendment, which secured women the right to vote. But working towards women's suffrage was just the very start. Our work - and our impact - expands far beyond 1920!

Over the past 95 years, state and local Leagues across the country have been fulfilling our mission of Making Democracy Work ® in the areas of voting rights, civic engagement, money in politics, environmental defense, health care and more. And we have a lot to show for it!

In honor of our 95th anniversary, here's a list of six things Americans like you have in part because of the League's work at the local, state and national level.

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The League of Women Voters is celebrating 95 years of Making Democracy Work® at every level of government. In 1920, the League was founded as an outgrowth of the movement that secured women the right to vote to help new voters engage with their government. Today, the League empowers all voters to improve their local, state and national government. Learn more about the League of Women Voters and join our celebration!