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Ninety-five years ago today, women finally won the right to vote with the certification of the 19th Amendment!

It took just over a year after Congress approved the 19th Amendment for the required three-quarters of states to ratify the amendment and enshrine women’s right to vote in our Constitution. During this final push, Carrie Chapman Catt, leader of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, founded the League of Women Voters to “finish the fight,” and educate millions of women about the power of their votes.

Test your knowledge of the 19th Amendment and learn more about the fight for women's suffrage in the U.S. with our interactive quiz!


The trajectory of American history has always been to greater, not less, freedom. But Making Democracy Work® has never been easy, nor is it ever finished. And as such, the fight Catt charged us with in 1920 continues today: ensuring that every eligible voter has free and fair access to the polls.

The 19th Amendment opened the democratic process to 23 million women in 1920 – do you know how many of them turned out later that year? Find out and learn more about the fight for the 19th Amendment through our fun quiz!

In 1920, the League was founded as an outgrowth of this vital movement. From the beginning, the League has sought to strengthen our democracy by empowering voters to engage with their government and to tackle the most important issues in our communities, states and nation. Today, we are building on this legacy by working to keep the power of our democracy in the hands of the people.

The fight for universal voting rights continues today, so as we mark this historic anniversary, we are reminded how valuable our right to vote remains.

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