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Election Day is two months from today, but this year millions of voters will cast their ballots before November 3, either through absentee/mail-in voting or early voting in-person. With changes to election rules due to COVID-19, the League of Women Voters has everything voters need this year on our Webby Award-Winning website – now also in Spanish.

Throughout the primary season, our team kept up to date - almost hourly - with state-specific alerts in response to changing dates and voting locations. And now, through our partnership with NALEO Education Fund (National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials), the site is fully translated in Spanish.   

Powered by the League of Women Voters Education Fund (LWVEF), is designed to be a central place for all things voting — not just federal elections but state and local races as well. Here is what VOTE411 provides directly at your fingertips:  

  • The ability to register to vote through the site or confirm your voter registration; 

  • Access to details about your polling location and what might be required to vote, like photo ID;  

  • Information on the issues that are on your local ballot, including the ballot questions you will be voting on;  

  • Compare candidate responses to nonpartisan questions about issues that impact your community 

  • Updated and accurate guidance about voting during COVID-19, including which states are expanding access to mail-in ballots; and 

  • Access to everything you need to know about election changes in your area due to COVID-19.  

Here is a short video that shows you everything has to offer:  

Confirming your registration, checking your polling site, and doing the candidate research before heading to the polls or filling out your ballot saves voters time and helps voters make more informed decisions. Of all these features, we have found that among the most sought-after information on the site is the candidate answers to the League’s nonpartisan questions. Voters can type in their address and retrieve information regarding candidates and ballot measures, where applicable, that will be on their ballot. Candidates are invited to answer questions posed by the League of Women Voters and their answers are available un-edited by the League. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this has become even more valuable as there are fewer opportunities for voters to hear directly from candidates.  

We hope you’ll find useful—and that you’ll share it with the English and Spanish speakers in your life. With 61 days to get it done, now is the time for voters to confirm how they can vote, where they need to be, and when their options are to make their voices heard. 

For democracy to work, voting must remain fair, accessible, and safe: Information and tools available through the Webby Award-Winning website helps people across the U.S. realize all three. 

Get online. Get the facts. And make your voice heard on or before Election Day. 

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