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Megan Brown

VOTE411 Senior Manager

Megan Brown is the VOTE411 Senior Manager for the League of Women Voters. In this capacity, Megan manages and maintains, including updating election information in all 50 states and DC, as well as helping hundreds of State and Local Leagues provide candidate information through the online voters’ guide, and spreading the word about the website to ensure that voters know where to find the election information they need come Election Day.

Megan has a dual degree in Political Science and CLEG (Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government) from American University in Washington, DC. After graduation, she worked in the environmental nonprofit world, first at the Sierra Club followed by Defenders of Wildlife, before joining the League in 2012. Her work at the League has highlighted her real passion for creating a better informed and more active voting populous, and she’s thrilled to be able to play an active role in this field.

When not at work, Megan can be found exploring with her husband and two young sons, swimming on her masters’ swim team, or thinking of any excuse to go shopping at Costco.

Recap of the VOTE411 performance in the 2020 elections cycle.

Whether it is a local or a national race, elections are a time to consider the issues that you care about and decide which candidate you support. 

Election Day is two months from today, but this year millions of voters will cast their ballots before November 3.

With five short weeks before Election Day, now is the time to get the information you need so that you can participate in the 2018 midterms and the League is here to help! 

My mother helped foster my love for our democracy, and now it’s my turn. It’s up to me (and Oliver’s dad) to teach him about our government, our democracy and how he can ultimately play a role in the future of our country.

All year long, I work with League volunteers around the country, supporting their efforts to reach and help inform voters through our national voter information site,

In collaboration with some wonderful League volunteers from Maryland, LWVEF has again asked the candidates running for President to provide answers to some of the most pressing public policy questions. Those candidates that meet LWVEF’s criteria have been invited to participate in this activity. Thanks to input from League members across the country we have also included a question specifically designed for low literacy publications for the first time. The LWVEF Board is happy to have again undertaken this crucial voters' service project.