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Florida Elections Rescheduled Due to Hurricane Irma

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Primary and Municipal Elections in the Sunshine State Now Slated for September 26

**UPDATE: The primary elections in the cities of Cape Coral and Fort Myers have been postponed to October 3rd. All other elections scheduled for September 26th are moving forward as planned. Visit for more information.

As Hurricane Irma approaches the southern peninsula of Florida this week, Governor Rick Scott officially rescheduled the state’s upcoming elections previously scheduled for September 12th. Florida voters can now cast their ballots on Tuesday, September 26, 2017.

Stay safe, Florida!

Elections scheduled for September 19th have not yet been impacted but voters can check throughout the week for updates.

“We urge all Floridians to take precautions and be safe during this threatening storm,” said Chris Carson, president of the League of Women Voters.  

"The League of Women Voters of Florida applauds Governor Scott for his  awareness of this very important election during this stressful time for all Floridians," said Pamela Goodman, LWV of Florida president. "His decision to delay this election will help insure access to the polls for all who wish to exercise their voting right. We encourage every Floridian to not miss this opportunity and we hope everyone is safe in the coming days."

Early voting has been canceled for the Cities of Cape Coral and Fort Myers. Vote by mail is still an option for many Floridians evacuating the state and voters can find all the info they need about casting their ballot in this month’s election on

September 26th is also National Voter Registration Day. While Floridians go to the polls, the League of Women Voters will be out in full force across the state and around the country registering new voters.

The League will continue to do everything we can to keep voters up to date during the hurricane season. For more information visit the Florida League website at

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