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Help the Class of 2016 to Register to Vote

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Each Spring, millions of students across the country start a new chapter in their lives. Graduation is a major milestone after which many young adults move and embark upon new challenges.

Congratulate the graduates you know on their achievement and encourage them to register to vote with our eCard.The League’s eCard directs recipients to where new voters can easily start the voter registration process.

Registering to vote is always important, but this week it is of particular importance because Friday marks the 22nd anniversary of the National Voter Registration Act. This vital legislation streamlined the voter registration process and has succeeded in bringing millions of citizens into the democratic process by increasing access to voter registration and protecting the integrity of elections across the country.

Join us in celebrating both the millions of new graduates as well as the National Voter Registration Act – send the graduates you know our eCard to congratulate them on their recent achievement.

The League stands ready to help newly registered voters become active and engaged in their communities. Every year, we empower millions of voters by registering voters year-round and focusing on those who just turned 18, became citizens, moved homes, changed their name, or need to update their registration for any other reason. Help us reach the graduates you know – remind them to register or update their voter registration.

With your help, we’ll make sure our youngest voters have a voice on the issues that are most important to them. Thank you for Making Democracy Work®.

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