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League Leaders from 43 States Convene as Senate Unveils Nasty Health Care Bill

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As Senate leadership unveiled their version of an Obamacare replacement bill, League of Women Voters leaders from 43 states gathered outside of Washington, DC for their biannual Council meeting. The organization has long been dedicated to ensuring access to affordable, quality health care for all Americans and the League opposes the ‘Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017.’

LWV Leaders at 2017 Council

On Thursday, League president Chris Carson said,” The Senate health care bill will hurt tens of millions of people across our nation. Rushing through this legislation that will negatively impact so many Americans is just wrong."

Here are some of the bad items in the bill:

Written in secret, by a few select Senators, this bill will leave millions of Americans without health insurance while providing huge tax breaks to the wealthiest individuals and large corporations.

LWV Opposes Senate Health Care Plan

If this backroom bill passes it will fundamentally change the way laws are passed in America. Transparency and openness in the legislative process are important because they improve the final product and this bill clearly has the deep flaws that result from its secret drafting.

“We know the Affordable Care Act is not perfect,” said Carson. “However, it has successfully provided health care coverage to tens of millions of Americans who previously went without.”

Since the adoption of the ACA, local and state Leagues have been working on the long-term goals of education and public awareness by reaching out to their communities and helping people navigate the system, as well as working with providers to get the word out about local implementation of the federal law.

The League urges all concerned Americans to contact their Senators and tell them to vote NO on this nasty bill.

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