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Leagues register over 20,000 new youth voters 

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June marked the end of our 2019 High School Voter Registration project. With a record-breaking 60 Leagues participating, volunteers registered a total of 20,115 high school student in 28 states across the country, plus D.C.  

We know that young people, particularly those who are not in a four-year college, are often left out of the conversation and not given the tools needed to become engaged members of our democracy. Our research shows that voter registration and education are critical to turnout of young voters. By building on relationships with local high schools and community colleges, League volunteers were able to host a total of 774 registration events reaching over 62,000 students. 

Despite common misconceptions, young people want to be engaged. 

I was inspired to see so many young people wanting to get involved in the next presidential election.

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Leagues partnered with students and student groups who played a key role in the success of their program. One League stated that, while they may have “spent 38 hours in classrooms, we spent 70 hours preparing the new voter packets including designing and making custom 'Vote' buttons.  The majority of the prep volunteer hours were by students who are committed to change through the voting process.  Their enthusiasm and hope was contagious.” 

But the work doesn’t end here.

Come election time, Leagues will be following up with the newly registered voters and directing them to to get the information they need to turnout and vote! 

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