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Let’s Get a State of the Union BINGO for League Policy Priorities!

On Tuesday, January 28 at 9:00pm ET, President Barack Obama will deliver his annual State of the Union (SOTU) address. The speech will outline the President’s key policy priorities for the coming year. 

It’s the League’s goal to help you engage with our democracy. That’s why we’re back with our annual League of Women Voters SOTU Bingo! Download your Bingo board now!

We hope President Obama will address our top policy priorities – including protecting and engaging voters, reforming money in politics, defending our environment and reforming our immigration system. According to an Obama official, the President’s speech will pay particular attention to climate change, healthcare and immigration reform – all issues that the League has been working to advance over the past several years. With the recent introduction of a bipartisan voting rights bill and  recommendations for elections reforms following Obama’s 2013 SOTU focusing on problems at the polls, we hope that the President will continue to address necessary improvements to the administration of America’s elections.

Use one of our four Bingo boards to note which issues the President does (or doesn’t) address in his speech. Bingo is a fun and easy way to track how the President’s agenda for our nation matches up with League priorities.

Are you ready to play along and participate in your democracy? Be sure to follow us on Twitter, too: we’ll be live-tweeting as we watch the address, and we’ll be sure to call out when the President’s speech hits on our boards. Find us at @LWV and join the conversation by using the hashtags #LWV and #SOTU. Be sure to send any photos our way, and we’ll share and retweet!

We’ll be looking forward to hearing shouts of “Bingo!” from across the country. Good luck!