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2020 State of the Union Bingo!

On Tuesday, February 4, President Trump will deliver his fourth State of the Union (SOTU) address where he will outline his key policy priorities for the year. 

We’ll be listening closely to hear how the Administration plans to act on any League priorities, and stand ready to jump in to protect what we hold dear—including voters' rights, the integrity and security of our elections, immigrants' rights, and our environment.

While you're watching, our SOTU Bingo is a fun and easy way to track how the President’s speech and agenda for our nation match up with our priorities. So, gather your friends and use one of our Bingo boards to note which issues the President does—or, perhaps, more importantly, does not—address.

Tweet us at @LWV or @Vote411 to shout “Bingo!” from across the country. We’ll be looking forward to seeing some of your watch parties on Twitter at #LWV! Good luck!

Download our Bingo cards (including five versions of the card and a clue sheet) here.