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LaQuita Howard

Communications Campaign Specialist

LaQuita Howard is the Communications Campaign Specialist, supporting all communications needs for the People Powered Fair MapsTM campaign. She formally served in the role of Member Associate/receptionist at the League for 2 years.

The Texas native moved to DC January of 2012 to attend the Illustrious Howard University where she earned a degree in Advertising. Prior to working with the League she worked in sales and held public relations/advertising internships. When she is not working she indulges in reading, painting, writing, meditating, and dancing to Beyonce in the mirror. She also enjoys spending quality time with her friends and loved ones.


When the 2012 Presidential Election season approached, excitement rushed through me. For the first time in my life, I was eligible to participate in a presidential election. I’d previously voted in local and midterm elections, but the presidential election felt like the ‘real deal’.

As a new wave of high school seniors transition to higher education and enter the workforce, they also acquire a new set of responsibilities to engage in our democratic process as first-time voters.