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LaQuita Howard

LaQuita Howard, Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager

LaQuita Howard is the marketing manager. She formally served in the roles of membership associate and communications campaign specialist.

The Texas native moved to DC in January of 2012 to attend the Illustrious Howard University where she earned a degree in Advertising. Prior to working with the League she worked in sales and held public relations/advertising internships. When she is not working she indulges in reading, painting, writing, meditating, and dancing to Beyonce in the mirror. She also enjoys spending quality time with her friends and loved ones.


Throughout history, Black artists have captured the joy and sorrow of the Black experience through music. As a result, music has been at the center of efforts to raise awareness of and fight for issues important to Black people, like voting rights and social justice. Below are three mini-playlists featuring just a fraction of the music by Black artists that is rooted in activism, hopefulness, and Black joy.  

The 2021 redistricting cycle was the first one without the full protection of the Voting Rights Act. Without federal oversight, many states and local municipalities have used this advantage to implement racially gerrymandered maps, i.e. district lines that limit the voting power of voters of color.

Gather your friends and join us on Twitter or Instagram for our annual game of SOTU Bingo. Download a card and tag us when you have bingo. 

Last month, the Ohio Supreme Court struck down Ohio’s 2021 state and congressional maps due to partisan gerrymandering. We spoke with the League of Women Voters of Ohio's executive director, Jen Miller, about the work Leagues are doing to ensure fair and equitable maps in Ohio. 

LWV of Baltimore County, other advocacy groups, and Black voters urge federal court to block racially gerrymandered in Baltimore County, Maryland. 

The League of Women Voters of Georgia and partners files federal lawsuit challenging racial gerrymandering in Georgia. 

The League of Women Voters of Baltimore County and partners files lawsuit challenging racially gerrymandered maps in Baltimore County. 

LWV of Texas joins partners in filing a lawsuit against racially discriminatory maps in Texas.

To create more equitable maps, we recommend that states prioritize transparency and implement ethics rules to protect the integrity of commissions and hold politicians accountable for acting in the interest of the people. 

Senator Warnock's historic win in Georgia highlights how voter suppression disproportionately impacts voters of color.