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Presidents' Day, Primaries and Parties

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Ninety-six years ago during the final push for women's suffrage, Carrie Chapman Catt – the League of Women Voters’ founder – called upon our emerging organization to “finish the fight,” the fight to ensure that our democracy is truly a government of, by and for all the people. In 2016, we will be continuing this charge by helping to register and educate millions of Americans in advance of Election Day – Tuesday, November 8.

In honor of our 96th anniversary as well as Presidents’ Day, we are calling upon our supporters to help us in Making Democracy Work and bringing new voters into our electoral process this year.

Here are some quick resources to help you and your friends and family prepare for the upcoming elections in your community.

  • If you’re not registered to vote, you can start the process online at! Don’t forget to also remind your friends and family to register, including those who just turned 18, became citizens, moved homes or changed their name. Voter registration deadlines to participate in many states’ primaries are approaching soon.

  • We’re also pleased to share our presidential voters’ guide to help voters learn about the candidates and their visions for America’s future. Our voters’ guide includes thoughts from the candidates on a range of issues from the economy to foreign policy, as well as their position on the role money plays in our political process. The guide will be updated as candidates update their answers, additional candidates answer or meet our criteria, and as candidates end their campaigns, so bookmark it and check back closer to your state’s primary date!

  • While voters in Iowa and New Hampshire have already weighed in on the presidential primaries, primary elections and caucuses will occur in every state over the coming months. Primaries are a key part in selecting the next President and provide a crucial opportunity for voters to take control and influence the process by selecting their top candidate to represent a political party in the general election. Learn more about the presidential primaries.

This is a critically important election year, and voters are engaging in new and exciting ways. The League stands ready to take advantage of an engaged citizenry by providing them with the elections information they need to take control on Election Day. Voting is your opportunity to support your community and have a say in its future. Together with your friends and neighbors, every vote counts and each vote makes a difference.

Just as our founders did nearly 100 years ago, the League will be harnessing the power of women in communities all across the country to do whatever it takes in to ensure we have more voters, and the most representative group of voters, participating in our electoral process.

Happy Presidents’ Day and thank you for Making Democracy Work for 96 years and counting! Election Day 2016 is coming! Now is the time to remind the people in your life to visit to register to vote, make sure that their voter registration record is up-to-date, and learn about important voting rules and deadlines in their state. With your help, we’re Making Democracy Work®!

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