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Take Control - Vote

Millions of Americans are heading to the polls in March to select their preferred presidential candidate. This is an important election year and we’re excited to provide voters like you with the elections information you need to take control.

For voters voting on Super Tuesday as well as those with upcoming primaries and caucuses, it is time to get ready to vote! Simply enter your address at to find everything you need to know about upcoming elections in your state, including your polling place and its hours, whether or not you’ll need to show an ID to vote, what to expect on your ballot, and much more.

When you cast your ballot, you’re telling the leaders who are elected what issues matter most to you. Voting is your opportunity to support your community and have a say in its future.

To learn more about where the presidential candidates stand on the issues important to you review our voters’ guide on Our guide includes verbatim responses from the candidates on a range of issues from the economy to foreign policy to the role money plays in our political process.

We hope you will join together with your friends and neighbors and vote this primary season. Every vote counts and each vote makes a difference. Election Day 2016 is coming! Now is the time to remind the people in your life to visit to register to vote, make sure that their voter registration record is up-to-date, and learn about important voting rules and deadlines in their state. With your help, we’re Making Democracy Work®!