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Thank YOU for Telling the EPA to Protect People, Not Polluters!

Over two months ago, we began imploring you to submit comments to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in support of their proposed regulation to limit carbon pollution from new power plants.

We’ve continued to update you on the environmental community’s progress. We reached nearly a million comments within two weeks. We then surpassed a million, and last week we surpassed TWO million!

Monday marked the close of the comment period and we’re excited about the support we’ve been able to drum up! This issue tallied the largest number of comments ever submitted to the EPA during a public comment period, far exceeding the number of comments received on any prior issue.                             

The community could not have reached this incredible milestone without the help of the nearly 20,000 League supporters who joined the effort and called upon the EPA to protect people, not polluters.

The EPA is now tasked with reviewing the millions of public comments submitted both in support and opposition of the proposed standard and will be issuing a final standard on carbon pollution in the coming months. Stay tuned, as we’ll be sure to update you when the final rule is announced.