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As you know, 10 states hold their presidential primary or caucus elections tomorrow. And the League wants you, and your friends and family, to have the information you need when you go to the polls.

The League has you covered: visit, the nation’s premier online election resource. includes all the information you will need to vote, including: voting locations, the latest candidate and ballot information, and general and state-specific information on voter registration, absentee ballot rules, early voting options, and details of what you need to bring with you to the polls. 

Take Control - VOTE PSA
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For the young and first-time voters in your life, be sure you share our new Take Control web video with them.  This 30-second spot is designed to encourage young voters – our newest generations of voters - to get registered and vote.

Because the League wants to involve as many people in the election process as possible, please pass this information on to family and friends so they, too, can ensure they make an informed decision on Super Tuesday.  

This election will affect you - your job, your health care, your energy costs and more. The League of Women Voters invites you to join us in making our communities fair, safe and strong.  Vote tomorrow or in your state’s primary or caucus this year and tell us how you are participating in the elections on Facebook and Twitter.

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