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This story was originally published by WFLA.

“Gun locks can save lives,” said Andy Crossfield, co-chair of the League of Women Voters of Polk County’s gun violence prevention committee.

To Crossfield, it is a rare moment of consensus in a politically-fraught time.

“There’s so many times in politics where you just can’t make a difference but this was an ability to actually reach people and supply a need that they didn’t even know they had,” he said.

In the past 10 months, he said, the League of Women Voters of Polk County has distributed more than 1,800 gun locks in the county.

This story was originally published by Click Orlando

Tiffany Hughes is President of the League of Women Voters of Orange County. She and her organization have been working now to get voting results, including reaching people where they are.

From Supreme Court decisions to voting rights legislation, 2023 was a busy year for our democracy. But how closely were you paying attention? 

In 2023, Leagues across the US worked diligently to achieve a remarkable number of wins in litigation, voter registration, civic engagement and education, and more. Below are 6 of our greatest accomplishments.

When I look at everything people have done this year to protect and uplift every person’s voice, I find so much to be thankful for. 

This is for the election workers, voters, and League volunteers who empowered voters and defended democracy this year.

The Democracy Truth Project aims to strengthen democracy and restore trust in the electoral process by combating mis- and disinformation. The project leverages the extensive expertise of League leaders and partners to provide the public with information and tools to participate in our democracy and restore trust in the political system.