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LWV Of Polk County

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Sandra Sheets, Co-President
Linda Donaldson, Co-President
Andy Crossfield, Vice President
Jessie Gomez, Vice President

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Stories from Around the State

When I look at everything people have done this year to protect and uplift every person’s voice, I find so much to be thankful for. 

This is for the election workers, voters, and League volunteers who empowered voters and defended democracy this year.

The Democracy Truth Project aims to strengthen democracy and restore trust in the electoral process by combating mis- and disinformation. The project leverages the extensive expertise of League leaders and partners to provide the public with information and tools to participate in our democracy and restore trust in the political system. 

From January – August 2023, state legislatures nationwide passed various bills into law. While following these developments, the League noticed several important trends around voting rights and election administration.

This story was originally published by SRQ Daily.

The League of Women Voters, a non-partisan, non-profit organization promoting informed voter participation and enhanced citizen engagement, has been active for many years conducting voter registration drives and providing voter education opportunities. Their Education Action Team of Sarasota (LWVSRQ) in partnership with Sarasota County Public Schools, is sponsoring “YVOTE”, an essay, poster, and video contest for high school students to share their thoughts on the importance of voting. 

This segment originally aired on WSLR.

The Sarasota School Board has made national headlines for pushing controversial educational policies and causing or tolerating uproar during what should be standard meetings, and some community members have had enough of the chaos. The League of Women Voters of Sarasota County have turned the tables on the School Board. This time, they are the ones creating report cards for the board, grading its governance practices and ability to hold an orderly meeting. WSLR’s Sophia Brown has a closer look at how the nonpartisan organization is going about this.