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News Clips

The state of South Carolina will be using new voting machines in the upcoming election.

LWVUS published a quarter-page ad in the Washington Post on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the League of Women Voters of the United States.

Virginia Kase wrote an op-ed celebrating the League's 100th Anniversary.

Virginia Kase posted an op-ed about the League's 100th Anniversary. 

The LWV of Charlottesville reflects on the importance of Virginia ratifying the ERA.

The Michigan Court of Appeals has struck down part of lame-duck petition drive law that would have put a 15% cap on petition signatures from one district.  

After many inaccuracies with the Ohio voter purge, the state of Ohio has called for a change in how they will manage voter rolls moving forward.

LWV of Nevada defends its fair maps ballot initiative from a legal challenge.

LWV of Georgia filed a federal lawsuit to stop an unjust voter purge from taking effect.