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The League of Women Voters of Tennessee, along with other democracy groups, filed a federal lawsuit today challenging a new Tennessee law that imposes substantial penalties on groups that foster political participation via voter registration efforts. 
Ohio Election Maps Declared Unconstitutional Partisan Gerrymander, to Be Redrawn in Time for 2020  COLUMBUS – Today a three-judge panel from the District Court for the…
Following the introduction of the For the People Act in the U.S. Senate, the League of Women Voters launched a nationwide campaign to promote a hearing on the democracy reform bill. Leagues in eight states placed full-page ads in area newspapers encouraging readers to ask their U.S. Senators for a hearing. The Leagues are also launching postcard writing campaigns to put grassroots pressure on their Senators for a hearing on the For the People Act. 
The League of Women Voters of Texas and other civil rights groups reached a settlement with Texas state officials today to end the discriminatory purging of the state’s voter rolls.
Today a panel of federal district judges ruled in favor of the League of Women Voters of Michigan in their First and Fourteenth Amendment challenges to the state and congressional redistricting plans. 

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Small donor, public matching funds provide an opportunity for candidates to consider running for office who otherwise might not.

Was the last re-drawing of Michigan’s political district maps so biased in Republicans’ favor, they were illegal?

That question literally went on trial Tuesday, with a three-judge panel in Detroit’s federal court hearing arguments for and against Michigan’s 2011 redistricting maps.

A group of unions on Monday filed a fourth legal challenge to controversial laws passed by Republican leaders just before Gov. Tony Evers took office — this one contending they violate the state constitution’s separation of powers between the legislative and executive branches.

A report from the League of Women Voters of Kentucky shows 92 percent of those with felony convictions have been released from prison or jail and live in the community, but cannot vote.

The state of Texas' announcement that it was flagging tens of thousands of registered voters for citizenship checks was met with dismay among civil rights attorneys and voting rights advocates, who said it echoed efforts around the country to remove eligible voters from the rolls.