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Statements and Press Releases

To celebrate 100 years, the League is hosting a nationwide Day of Action, with hundreds of events around the country celebrating how ‘Women Power the Vote.’
On the eve of LWV’s 100th Anniversary – a step towards Constitutional equality 
The delay in results of the Iowa Caucus is another reminder why we need to invest in our election infrastructure and election security.
The League and Family Tree Entertainment are teaming up to promote voting at the 9th Annual Pre-Grammy Managers’ Brunch.
LWV of Texas filed a federal lawsuit claiming that the state violates the National Voter Registration Act by not providing voter registration with driver’s license applications online.

News Clips

LWVUS published a quarter-page ad in the Washington Post on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the League of Women Voters of the United States.

The LWV of Charlottesville reflects on the importance of Virginia ratifying the ERA.

The Michigan Court of Appeals has struck down part of lame-duck petition drive law that would have put a 15% cap on petition signatures from one district.  

After many inaccuracies with the Ohio voter purge, the state of Ohio has called for a change in how they will manage voter rolls moving forward.

LWV of Nevada defends its fair maps ballot initiative from a legal challenge.