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Statements and Press Releases

The League of Women Voters CEO Virginia Kase issued the following statement following President Trump's declaration of a national emergency.
The League of Women Voters national president Chris Carson issued the following statement on the passing of Congressman John Dingell.
AUSTIN & WASHINGTON – Monday the League of Women Voters of Texas joined a lawsuit against the Texas Secretary of State’s office after false claims of widespread voter…
If this settlement is approved by the court, 11 state house districts will be redrawn to fairly represent voters—that’s one more step toward making sure voters are picking their politicians, and not the other way around.
The lawsuit contends that because the Legislature unconstitutionally convened the December 2018 “extraordinary session,” all business conducted during the “extraordinary session” is void and unenforceable.

News Clips

 Female candidates shouldn’t be shoehorned into a “narrative” dominated by their identity that excludes the policies they’re championing, said Virginia Kase, CEO of the League of Women Voters.

Same Day Registration is the best stop-gap solution to solve errors in the registration process, fix inaccuracies in voter rolls, reduce provisional ballots, and increase voter participation.

Voting registration deadlines are soon approaching. 

Maryland judges floated the idea of leaving the drawing of electoral lines to an independent, nonpartisan com­mission.

Learn different ways to become active this election season.