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Statements and Press Releases

LWV of Texas filed a federal lawsuit claiming that the state violates the National Voter Registration Act by not providing voter registration with driver’s license applications online.
Virginia ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment, achieving support from three-fourths of all 50 states required for the ERA to become a constitutional amendment.
Voting rights advocates celebrated an agreement requiring the State of Arizona to provide more effective voter registration services.
The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin filed a federal lawsuit to challenge a planned voter roll purge that was based on unreliable data. Hundreds of thousands of voters were given 30 days to respond to a letter informing them of their purge status, but Wisconsin law only calls for such a timeline when the purge is based on “reliable information.”
 The Voting Rights Advancement Act, H.R. 4, restores protections of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that were stripped by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2013.

News Clips

LWV of Nevada defends its fair maps ballot initiative from a legal challenge.

LWV of Georgia filed a federal lawsuit to stop an unjust voter purge from taking effect.

The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin filed a federal lawsuit to stop the unjust purge of over 200,000 Wisconsin voters.

Following a report on disenfranchisement from LWV of Kentucky that found more than 312,000 Kentuckians cannot vote because of felony convictions, the state's governor issued an executive order restoring voting rights for those with past felony convictions.

LWV of New Hampshire is challenging a state law that imposes burdensome requirements on voter registration.