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November's elections are six short weeks away, and Secretary of State Ruth Johnson is urging all eligible Michiganders to register to vote.

As the state Legislature gears up for the final few months of its session, the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin has a few priorities we hope they will address, beginning with some bills that hav

The League of Women Voters might conjure images of meek ladies conducting voter-registration drives.

Once again, Florida will seek to remove any non-citizens from its voter rolls.

Once you make a habit of something, it's like second-nature. The League of Women Voters are hoping to encourage more people to make voting a habit.

The League of Women Voters of Fort Smith will join with other national organizations Tuesday for National Voter Registration Day, according to a news release.

League of Women Voters Hosts Registration Drive It's Relevant: Norwalk The Norwalk League of Women Voters will hold two days of voter registration at the Department of Motor Vehicles at 540 Ma

Tulsa's League of Women Voters will participate in the second annual National Voter Registration Day along with organizations across the country next week.

The League of Women Voters of Kent urges Portage County residents to vote "For" Issues 1 and 2 on the November ballot.

2. Today is National Voter Registration Day and the League of Women Voters of southeastern Connecticut will be holding voter registrations at the Waterford Public Library from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.