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7th graders turned their favorite subject into competition at 6th annual Civics Challenge

This story originally aired on WCJB.

7th graders from Alachua County schools are competing face to face to determine who knows their government the best.

The League of Women Voters are hosting their 6th annual civics challenge and these 7th graders can’t hold their excitement.”

50 students were selected from High Springs Middle, Westwood Middle, Kanapaha Middle, Oakview Middle, and Lincoln Middle School.

Despite the competition being virtual for the past two years, students didn’t hesitate to jump at the chance to compete.

“Our teachers asked us to participate because we all share a passion for civics or are quite skilled in the subject, said a 7th grader at Kanapaha Middle School Danni Gomez. “I am very nervous but I also love the adrenaline rush you know in competing.”

Students gathered in teams of five, there were a total of 10 teams. Each team got one minute to answer questions from topics including the branches of government and articles of the constitution.

While students raced against the clock, parents like Savannah Chase sat on the sidelines showing their support.

“I’m really filled with pride today,” said Chase. “My daughter is doing very well answering all the questions and I would say at this point because of the dedication of their civics sponsor, she probably knows more about our government then I do.”

Although the subject is about civics, K-12 curriculum specialist John Rehm said they want students to learn the importance of good sportsmanship

“I want them to learn to be good sports to have fun while they’re competing with each other,” said Rehm. “I’m hoping that these kids that we have, they’re going to be the future mayor, city managers, and tax collectors and all kinds of other things that help our city and our governments run.”

After all ten rounds are completed, Westwood Middle School students took first place while Kanapaha Middle came in second. The winner took home an engraved trophy with the name of their school engraved on a perpetual plaque.

More than two thousand Alachua County 7th graders will get a chance to show who knows their government best during a virtual civics challenge on April 25th.

This story originally aired on WCJB. Watch the segment below: