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GOP runoff deadline today, League of Women Voters says watch other issues too

This article was originally published by Alabama Public Radio.

Jones stresses that all of the offices up for election in Alabama are critical to the state and will affect you a lot quicker and in more drastic ways than things coming down from the federal government

Voters have a deadline coming up regarding the June twenty first runoff. Today is the last day to register to vote in Alabama’s high profile Republican race for the U.S. Senate. Katie Britt and Mo Brooks have grabbing a lot of headlines, but there are other issues out there as well. That’s the view of Alabama League of Women Voters. League President Kathy Jones says Alabama voters will decide whether to ratify an updated state constitution later this year.

“What that’s gonna do is to get rid of all the edits that have been building up to make this the longest constitution in the world,” said Jones. “Now you will be able to read from beginning to end and now you’re gonna start seeing… After November when they release it as a published document, you’ll be able to read from beginning to end what the laws are at the state, county, and municipality level.”

The GOP race between Britt and Brooks will determine who runs against Democratic candidate Will Boyd to see who takes the place of retiring Alabama U.S. Senator Richard Shelby, League President Jones says voters who focus on more than just the races that make the nightly news.

“I have come to the conclusion after watching what is happening in Montgomery, you know, that that’s actually more important to most people of Alabama than anything going on in.. in the national government, in the federal government,” Jones contends.