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League of Women Voters: The Foot Soldiers of Democracy

They are the true volunteers in the never-ending battle to get people to register and vote in local, state and national elections. As their fight against apathy has gotten tougher, they have gotten even more determined. Completely non-partisan, they believe that democracy only works if everyone participates. The volunteers and staff of the League of Women Voters are the new foot soldiers of democracy.

On a brisk and chilly first day of autumn the League of Women Voters in New York City pitched their tent for their own National Voter Registration Day on the Broadway sidewalk next to City Hall Park. Their location was only a few blocks from Ground Zero. Other groups, avid partners with the local league and representing the diversity of New York City, included the City University of New York and NYC votes. The New York City Board of Elections held a mock election titled “Select One Reason Why You Vote” where people could select the best reason for voting. Artist Lady Pink created her “VOTE” mural at the end of the street.